Acta Universitatis Danubius. Administratio, Vol 8, No 2 (2016)

Fostering Co-Public Marketing and Co-productin of Public Services in Romania

Ani Matei, Corina-Georgiana Antonovici, Carmen Săvulescu


The approach of several processes specific for the public sector such as innovation, public and nonprofit marketing in view of co-creation and co-production of public services is more present in the field literature, in research projects or community development strategies.

Remarkable contributions, such as those of Ostrom, Osborne, Voorberg, Jacob amplify and redirect the research agenda of public sector, providing also the pillar necessary to prestigious research programmes, i.e. Horizon 2020.

A core subject consists in the connection between co-production and citizen participation. In this context, the concept of ”emergence of co-production” is genuine and significant for what we call ”new economics foundation”.

The social, democratic and even political aspects joined the new concepts, revealing the growth of trust in the public, governmental authorities and citizen connection through involvement in public policies and programmes development.

The current paper aims to provide a new perspective in light to approach public marketing, using co-production as pillar of the process specific to public marketing.

The new concept, co-public marketing derives from general concepts, such as co-marketing, and specificity offered to public marketing by necessity and integration of citizen participation within the decisional processes from the public sector.



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