Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 11, No 2 (2017)

The impact of Democracy in the Media and Public Opinion

Dukagjin Leka, Bajram Kosumi


Media in the last two centuries, and especially with the development of science and technology have evolved enough and rightly today not coincidentally are also being considered as the fourth power state, for which freely can say that is presented as the work controler of the three powers of the state.

The role of media is great for all societies, regardless of whether they are democratic or not, but rightly is emphasized the role (importance) of the media in democratic societies. So from this, it can be stated that the media are a very important element of the social democratic system and one of the main factors in the development of information society. It is understandable that without this important element, society (especially modern and democraticone), would be deprived of the most important instruments that influence the development of all areas of their lives. While, on the other hand the political system would be without an arm, or without its most important part, which directly affects the good functioning of this system.

But, for the establishment of democracy it is required the continued development of free political life and new social relations. Free political life and socio-political relations are an integral and essential part of general democratic structure. The importance of political life in contemporary society is crucial for any political system, especially for the democratic system and the media being in the middle have a very special and important role.

Keywords: media, public opinion, democracy, contemporary socieites


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