EuroEconomica, Vol 30, No 4 (2011)

Analysis of Economic and Organizational Management Strategies Applied in Anti-Crisis

Nelu Mocanu, Mihail-Silviu Pocora


Industrial enterprise instability situation in crisis conditions emphasizes the need to process long-term forecasts on the development and decision-making activity to stabilize the situation. This leads to anti-crisis strategies and mechanisms that allow organizations to ensure balance in crisis. In carrying out anti-crisis program of industrial enterprises it is necessary to act according to a previously established plan, based on scientific research and theoretical studies of practical applications in management, marketing, personnel management and financial management. Based on existing performance, you need a plan for managing the enterprise in crisis which would allow the successful solving of internal problems dealing with unfavourable external factors effectively and with maximum efficiency, using the possibilities offered by macro environment enterprise.


Full Text: PDF 44-54


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