EuroEconomica, Vol 32, No 2 (2013)

An exploration of firm level competitiveness through choices in Manufacturing Strategy: The case of Indian four wheeler passenger vehicle companies

Ashok Kumar Pundir, Ruchi Mishra, L Ganapathy


In today’s fast changing uncertain business environment several factors influence competitiveness of a manufacturing firm. There are several competing priorities such as cost, quality, delivery, flexibility and innovation on the basis of which firms compete with each other. Together with these competing priorities, technology plays a significant role in manufacturing competitiveness that ultimately leads to firm competitiveness. This paper explores different perspective of manufacturing strategy, different competing criteria of competitiveness and the role of innovation in manufacturing strategy for achieving competitiveness. Using the cases from Indian four wheeler passenger vehicle companies, the paper presents the use of innovation in gaining competitive positioning within Indian four wheeler passenger vehicle industries. By using case study and systematic review as a methodology this study outlines the role of manufacturing strategy and role of various forms of innovation in achieving competitiveness. The findings have important lessons for firms in their efforts towards innovation. It is seen from the various examples discussed in the study that there is a growing conviction that innovative practices ultimately contribute to the success of firms.      


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