EuroEconomica, Vol 32, No 2 (2013)

Analysis of Public Investments Implemented in Tourism for Sustainable Development in Constanta County

Veronica Pasa Stignei, Mihaela Lavinia Ciobanica


Public investments are the driving force of the positive development of the economy and the foundation of increasing of the productive potential of its. The fundamentation note of the any public investment claim immediate, medium and long term benefits significant in the socio-economical structure of the area. Public investment undertaken in Constanta County had mainly objective to increasing social and economic welfare of the community from this area. The main means of achieving this goal was to seize all financial and material resources available. Tourism is a vital economic sector for our county community because it creates, especially during the summer season, a large number of jobs. As such, the study in the Constanta County includes investment analysis implemented by local authorities in tourism, especially their impact on the welfare of residents.


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