EuroEconomica, Vol 35, No 1 (2016)

Academic Status Differences in Financial Literacy among Albanian University Students

Dorjana Nano, Antoneta Polo


This paper investigates the differences in Financial Literacy among Albanian university students based on their academic status ranking. The main objectives of the current research are: i) firstly, to evaluate the three components of financial literacy and to make comparison among master and bachelor students; ii) secondly, to calculate an overall score of financial literacy and to reveal whether master students are more financial literate than bachelor ones; iii) finally, to provide some conclusions and recommendation in order to help students improve their financial skills. Data for this research are collected from 607 students from five public and three private universities in Albania. The reliability analyses and the one way Welch Anova technique are utilized to analyze the data. The outcome reveals no differences on financial attitude and behaviour among master and bachelor students, although mater students are shown to be more financially knowledgeable. This study also suggests that both students’ categories are not financially literate. This study will be useful for practitioners and educational institutions in order to improve their curricula and help students to be more financially capable.


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