EuroEconomica, Vol 36, No 1 (2017)

A Review Of Imports Structure And Reforms In Ghana

Nomfundo Portia Vacu, Nicholas Mbaya Odhiambo


This study presents an overview of the structure and performance of Ghana’s imports. Specifically, it takes into account the effects of the country’s historical trade policy reforms and other determinants over the period 1995-2014. The analysis suggests that a larger percentage of Ghana’s imports originate from developed countries. Also, it has been found that the leading import sources for Ghana at a continental level include Europe, Asia and Africa.  In Africa, Nigeria is the primary origin of Ghana’s imports.  Ghana’s imports are dominated by manufactured goods, which account for about 65% of its total imports. In fact, the import of manufactured goods in Ghana has been growing faster than its total imports. The study also found that Ghana’s imports demand has been sensitive to a number of factors, such as trade openness, economic growth, and the exchange rate. 


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