EuroEconomica, Vol 37, No 2 (2018)

Profiling Attendees at a Major Women’s Football Event in Cameroon

Frinwei Njihy Achu


The aim of this study is to profile attendees at a major women’s football event in Cameroon. The study is argued from the perspective that women’s football events have been a neglected phenomenon within the African context, and that there is a need for giving such events attention. Previous studies with regard to major football events have been biased towards developed contexts, as well as towards men’s events, while women’s events have received little attention. The research employs an explorative quantitative research design. A structured survey was used to generate 759 valid responses from attendees at the Africa Women Cup of Nations tournament in Cameroon. The study found that the majority of attendees at women’s football events are from the African region, travel in groups, usually stay at the destination for a relatively long time, and engage in post-event tourism activities. The results of the study have implications for the planning and development of major women football events, and contribute to the existing literature accordingly. The uniqueness of this paper lies in the researcher’s intention to add value to the literature regarding major women’s football events in the African context.


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