Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 15, No 2 (2019)

The impact of organizational changes on increasing SMEs competitiveness

Naim Mustafa, Leonid Nakov, Xhavit Islami


Nowadays, changes are compulsory for an organization in order to survive and stay competitive. This paper discusses the aspects of understanding the general framework for the effective and efficient implementation of organizational changes, as well as their multiple impacts on motivation, employment, responsibility, dominant abilities, and comparing the measurable units for capacity development for organizational change. Also, it will focus on creative dimensions and change management, new organizational knowledge, remuneration systems, managerial manifestations, a model of organizational culture as a fruit of change. The methodology used in this research paper is a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. Results of the research are processed data of 200 SMEs that implement their activity in Kosovo. These data were processed with the help of IBM SPSS software. A well-managed change helps SMEs to be more successful in relation with the competition. In modern terms, organizations must innovate and change, not to prosper, but rather, to survive in a world of growing competition. The biggest challenge facing any successful manager is constantly directing the organizational system towards highest phases in overall development. Also, results have shown that the change in organizational dimensions factors will increase the SMEs competitiveness and will decrease the firm’s operating costs; as well change on organizational characteristics factors increase the SMEs competitiveness and decrease the firm’s operating costs. 


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