Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 14, No 5 (2018)

The Future of EU-Turkish Tourism Relations under the Shade of Brexit

Ruhet Genc


This study aims to discuss the development of tourism sector Turkey with respect to recent political and economic context in EU-Turkey relationship characterized by political instability and growing economic crisis in Turkey along with the era of EU after the leave of United Kingdom, which is commonly known as “Brexit”. Parallel to the analysis of Genç (1998), the manuscript will argue that the strong relationship between EU and Turkey may be beneficial for both parties in the current context, where Turkish lira is rapidly devaluated with respect to adverse political and economic conditions in Turkey and EU seeks alternative routes for structural reforms in order to prevent the collapse of EU after losing one of its strong members, UK, as a result of dissatisfaction from the possibility of Turkey’s membership to the EU. The manuscript will conclude that EU still plays an important role for the development of Turkish tourism; therefore strong relationships will be pursued for a sustainable tourism development with standardized quality and persistent innovation compatible with the EU legislation for service sector.


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