Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 15, No 2 (2019)

The Relationship between Job Satisfaction, Organizational Trust and Intention to leave the Job: A Comparative Study Between Kosovo and Turkey

Lavdrim Fatmir Reçica, Altan Doğan


This study is focused on comparing the job satisfaction, organizational trust and intention to leave the job variables between employees who work in four-star hotels in Kosovo and those in Turkey. Another purpose of this study is to investigate if there exist any positive or negative relationship between these three variables. 38 hotels have been conducted to perform this study, the data were gathered by surveys on the field. In order to analyse the data, two main statistical methods have been utilized, the Pearson correlation and independent t-tests. In addition to that, descriptive analysis such as frequency, percentage distributions, standard deviation and arithmetic mean have been performed as well.

As a result of the analysis, it is identified that there exists a positive correlation between job satisfaction and organizational trust and a negative correlation between these two variables with intention to leave the job. Moreover, when the results of these three variables have been compared among employees in Kosovo and Turkey, a significant difference has been found. Besides these, according to some demographics, significant differences have been found, too.

This is the first study conducted in Kosovo regarding to this topic and the first study that compares these two countries.


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