Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 6, No 3 (2010)

A Short Study on Cooperative Sector in Iran Challenges and Issues

Hassan Danaee Fard, Mohammad Reza Noruzi


This paper aims to study the issues of cooperative sector in Iran. According to the theories,
among the three sectors i.e. Public, private and cooperative sector probably cooperative sector
because of participating people directly in its process, can work better for economic development and
can be considered as a country economic developer example by job creation and others, Prior Work
because Islam religion has invited people for having cooperation and also Iranian is a Muslim
country then there have been a lot work on cooperative sector and this work is among the others who looks for the challenges and issues in this sector, Approach this paper looks for the challenges and
issues of the cooperative sector in Iran to run effective cooperation, Results Cooperative sector in all
developed and undeveloped and developing countries has its own challenges and in Iran as a fast
developing country which want to speed the developing process then needs to consider the
cooperative sector challenges in Iran and other countries as well, Implications Practitioners,
academician and others who want to work on challenges and issues of cooperative sector in Iran and others. Value among the other important variables in economic development, cooperative has the priority because of its fast returned effects in economic development then this paper aims to study the challenges of this sector.


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