Vol 13, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

Monetary policy in a DSGE New Keyesian model –case study for Romania PDF HTML
Georgiana Alina Ionita

Validity of purchasing power parity in BRICS under a DFA Approach PDF HTML
Emmanuel Numapau Gyamfi, Anokye Mohammed Adam

Fiscal Evasion in the Republic of Kosovo PDF HTML
Bedri Peci

Evaluating the Relative Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Nigeria using the St. Louis Equation PDF HTML
Michael Adebayo Ajayi, Olufemi Adewale Aluko

The relationship between spatial interdependencies in the European Union and the Trade - II PDF HTML
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

The importance of the cooperative farms association for smart, sustainable and inclusive development of rural area PDF HTML
Daniela Trifan, Daniela Ecaterina Zeca

International Economics

Factors Influencing Pricing Decision: Evidence from Non-Financial Firms in Nigeria PDF HTML
Luqman Samuel Olawale, Joe Okewale

The Influence of Relationship Proneness on Relationship Satisfaction and Relationship Commitment: Rapport Building between Domestic Tourists and Small Tourism Enterprises within the Cape Town Metropolitan Area of South Africa PDF HTML
Eugine Tafadzwa Maziriri, Thobekani Lose, Welcome Madinga

Audit Firm Tenure and Audit Quality Implied by Discretionary Accruals and Modified Opinions: Evidence from Turkey PDF HTML
Ahmet Turel, Mustafa Genç, Burcu Özden, Nihat Taş

Review on Policy Developments of FDI in India PDF HTML
Arben Sahiti, Muhamet Aliu, Arbana Sahiti