Vol 5, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


The Production Functions from the Point of View of 3- Dimensional Geometry PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan

Implementing a CRM System in the Context of Internet Technologies PDF
Alexandru Gavrilă, Delia Băbeanu, Dana Boldeanu

Influence of Social and Cultural Expenses on the Population’s Pauperization Process PDF
Luminiţa Maria Crăciun

Development of Nominal Convergence Indicators in New Member States of European Union under the Challenges of Economic and Financial Crisis PDF
Iulia Lupu, Camelia Milea, Alina Georgeta Glod, Adina Criste

The Criteria and Principles of Sustainable Development in Terms of Changing the Quality of It PDF
Ioan Bordean, Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Cornelia Elena Tureac, Georgeta Modiga

The Methods of Professional Development within the Higher Educational Institutions PDF
Claudia Mihaela Nicolau

Education and „The New Institutionalism” – The Paradigm of Economic Development within the Context of European Integration PDF
Laura Maria Mistreanu (Carstea)

General Considerations on Leisure Services PDF
Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Cornelia Elena Tureac, Aurica Grigore

Recent Trends of the EU – 27 Foreign Trade Activities PDF
Constanţa - Aurelia Chiţiba, Octavian - Liviu Olaru

The Critical Aspect on Using Fair Value for Financial Instruments PDF
Ionica Holban (Oncioiu), Florin Razvan Oncioiu

Risk Determination in Projects. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stochastic Methods PDF
Leonard Lepadatu

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development PDF
Cornelia Elena Tureac, Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Ioan Bordean, Georgeta Modiga

The Value Relevance of IFRS: The Case of Turkey PDF
Ahmet Turel

USA between the Greatest Economic Crisis and Current Economic Crisis PDF
Doru Pleşea, Adina Liana Camarda

Economic Agents Interaction with the State Through Public Consolidated Budget PDF
Ionuț Dragoș Luhan

The International Double Taxation – causes and avoidance PDF
Nicoleta Barbuta-Misu, Florin Tudor

Specific Features of the Study of Purchasing Behaviour and Consumption by the Customer, Financial and Banking Sector PDF
Paula Cornelia Mitran, Mihaela Bebeşelea

General Considerations on Fiscal Evasion PDF
Silviu Pripoaie, Rodica Pripoaie

The Informative Dimension of the Annex to the Annual Financial Statements in the Context of the 4th European Directive PDF
Ovidia Doinea

New Assignation Methods of Workers on Jobs PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan