New Trends in Psychology, Vol 1, No 2 (2019)

Bullying Predictor Behavior of Juvenile Delinquency

Lăcrămioara Mocanu, Elena-Lidia Niță


The phenomenon of “bullying” incorporates a set of undesirable social care andrepercussions regarding care in this way, so as to integrate aggressive schemes into the psychicstructure, and to be able to have other care to be targeted, through which behaviors that work it generatessocial isolation, low self-esteem and disturbance of values of care is unique to each individual. AtEuropean level, Romania ranks 3rd in the other 42 countries for the care of a phenomenon of cargoinvestigation, which refers to all the organizations of the World Health Organization (WHO), with 17%of the 11 children from 11 care and the recognition in force. At least three times in the previous month,at least 13 years, respectively 15 years, being 23%.


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