Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

The Relation between Education and Freedom. Conceptual Parts

Ioana Axentii, Natalia Chiriac, Natalia Roscovanu


Redesigning and rebuilding education pedagogy as a subject were not, are not and shall
never be inappropriate. Quality of education is emerging as the basis for individual's freedom and
development. The problem of freedom in education has been a constant concern of Romanian
interwar pedagogical thinking. Significant concepts concerning the relationship between individual
freedom and education have developed: GG Antonescu, I. Gavanescul IC Petrescu, II, and especially
C. Gabrea Narly, which strongly mentioned indicated that education as "intentional influence, it
cannot take away individual's freedom. In the Romanian pedagogical concept was mentioned asked to
meet Ro ¬ highlighted the idea that education, freedom, discipline makes it organic. There can be no
freedom unless, through education, to succeed, in the end, the realization of individual self-imposed
discipline. Freedom means effort. All that the world has, valuable life was obtained with effort,
prolonged in conditions of freedom. This is the say which focuses our interwar pedagogical idea also
is still viable.


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