Acta Universitatis Danubius. Administratio, Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Public Administration Professionalism and Political Changes in Albania under EU Consideration

Alba Robert Dumi


Albania is making big steps in the process of integration toward western institutions and organizations. The domestic political factor plays a leading role in Albanian society as an indicator of expressing the willingness to help the process of integration through well designed reforms. However, the resistance of political forces, especially those with direct or indirect heritages from the old political class, is preventing the transition to newer western political concepts of doing politics.  Reforms to improve democracy requires leadership from within the country as a prerequisite in building the political will for reform  as very important for consolidating democracy and strengthen ties with European Union and distancing the society from its troubled past. In this paper I want to illustrate the model of development in politics of public administration in Albania, to be part of the political management in my country.  Moreover, One of the biggest challenges in public reforming of Albanian economy and making Albania attractive to foreign investments, is the implementation of the property rights. This still remains one of the biggest challenges due to the lack of transparency of the process of legalization and lack of state guidance in development of urban and rural areas. In this paper we analyze two topics directly related to change the public administration with Strategy of Decentralization and Local Autonomy.


Full Text: 41-52


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