Styles of Communication, Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

A Sample Typology of Texts in Corporate Discourse

Jacek Kołata


The subject matter of this article is to present a working typology of different texts existing in corporate discourse. The data for the following analysis are drawn from various groups of documents existing in Nestle Corporation. The division into categories was possible after highlighting the most discriminative features of the texts under investigation. Moreover, it gives me the possibility to reveal how texts are shaped by contexts in which they exist. Bearing the above in mind, we must not forget that written utterances are always influenced by different but closely related parameters, such as a sender, a recipient, a particular incident and an aim of the conversation – to be more precise they cannot exist independently. This paper attempts at pointing out the weakness and merits of the corporate discourse communication system in the described company and by doing so, facilitate the flow of information among all departments, employees and factories.


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