Styles of Communication, Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

Frisians in Roman Britain in the Light of the Available Epigraphic Sources

Marcin Buczek


The paper discusses the notion of Frisian presence in both the Roman Britain and the Roman army. It investigates the available Latin sources, which provide us with certain amount of information concerning Frisians’ role, significance and distribution during the period of the Roman ruling. Finally, the author tries, on the basis of the available resources, to draw some conclusions regarding the perception of Frisians by both Romans and Brits. All the analyzed materials are taken from the extensive database of the Roman Inscriptions that are to be found in Britain, which is an invaluable source of knowledge of the military tradition of the Roman Empire and the units serving on the Isles. The paper aims at showing the importance of Frisian participation in both Roman invasion and the Adventus Saxonum. It tries to shed a new light on the perception of not only Frisians but all the Germanic tribes.


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