Styles of Communication, Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Attitudes towards Student Support System in Distance Learning: A Questionnaire Survey

Sara Haghighi, Maryam Danaye Tous


The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting learners’ satisfaction with the student support system. 37 sophomores (at University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran) out of 44, who were selected through convenience sampling method, participated in this study. A mixed approach was adopted and data was collected using a researcher-made questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Findings indicated that several issues should be in focus while planning the distance learning courses, such as: reducing the sense of isolation, holding a number of workshops, allocating financial aids, providing learners with video and audio tools, and facilitating the interaction between the instructor and the learners. It was concluded that identifying mismatches between the expectation of distance learners and what has been provided by student support system might facilitate the level of learner satisfaction. Also, identifying the gaps showed several specific areas where developments in the distance learning course could be made. 


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