Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 9, No 5 (2013)

Study The Customers’ Perception Towards Banking Services: A Research Report On Indian Public Sector Banks

Shailesh Jaysukhbhai Limbad


Objectives- The aim of this study is to measure the customer satisfaction and to identify the shortfall areas for improving the services of public banking sector. Prior works- For this research paper past research survey were studied. The main concept is measuring customer satisfaction by customer satisfaction index method. All the factors related to banks were taken by personal interview with the banks’ manager which influences customer satisfaction.  Approach- To collect the information non-probability sampling method is used. 100 services users of two different banks in bardoli region were contacted with face-to-face personal interview method through questionnaire.  “Customer Satisfaction Index” method was used to measure the customer satisfaction. Results- The study represents the result of a survey among the customers in the bardoli region of two public sector banks. Study proved that the STATE BANKS OF INDIA’S customers are more satisfied (82.55> 81.79) than BANK OF INDIA’S customers. There were parameters are found out which are more important to increasing the satisfaction rate. Implications – The results of this study provide very important information in formulating competitive marketing strategies. It shows the critical points where the limited resources of the banks should be allocated to improve satisfaction and loyalty and provides information about the weaknesses and strengths of the banks from the eyes of its customers. Value- With getting the valuable information and found out the reason of dissatisfaction these banks can put more efforts to improving the standards of services and make the customers more satisfied.


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