Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 10, No 6 (2014)

A Study on Predictor Variables of Organizational Climate in Educational Institutes

Dr.Gudivada Venkat Rao


The Organization Climate is a fancied term which is relevant at any point of time and is transient. The contextual reference of Organizational Climate is made for its ability to attract, retain and nurture talent. But, even though higher education in India is important; it failed to attract the best talent. The Organizational Climate and its contents where subjected to further scrutiny in this paper in Institutes of Higher Education in Visakhapatnam.The study examines the profile factors and their influence on the components of Organizational Climate. Further, the inter and intra relationships were also tested. The results show direction to the practioners for improving the significant influencing factors. The sample of 150 faculty members were drawn from five Institutes of Higher Education in Visakhapatnam.The human resources practices relating to Working Conditions, Job Design, Performance Management, Compensation, Relations, Communications, Training and Development, Objectivity and Rationality, Grievance Handling and Welfare were considered for estimating the organizational climate.

The multi-regression and mean analysis find organizational climate as moderate. The gender diversity and female influence were there in the Educational Institutes. However, Compensation has a very low mean. The Performance Management, Objectivity & Rationality and Relations were found to be the major influencers. 


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