Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 15, No 3 (2019)

A comparative study of artisanal food producers’ motivations in Western Australia and Thailand

Mark Azavedo, John Christopher Walsh


The research objective of this study was to discover motivations of artisanal food producers in Australia and Thailand. This was mainly to inform farmers’ market managers of the motivations of artisanal food producers, their clients, to better provide retail space to food producers. However, the same principle also applies to many other service providers, for instance banks, insurance companies and other financial services in developing products for this very specific group of small-scale business enterprises. Governmental advice and support services for these businesses will also benefit. Finally, out of a Royal Commission Report, chain supermarkets in Australia must source more from small-scale suppliers, yet they appear uninformed about who they are dealing with, their motivations and  limitations, for instance not being able to supply large volumes.  There has been virtually no research on artisanal food producers. Retailers have no research to inform them.  Here was another gap to fill. Methodology for this study was interview-based qualitative, with data analysed through thematic content analysis. The paper’s originality lies in two ways, meaning that it fills research gaps but also because its results are perhaps surprising. Artisanal food makers are primarily self-concerned, not community-concerned as the previous study would indicate.



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