Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 14, No 7 (2018)

Connections between the Concepts of Equality and Non-Discrimination and Foreign Direct Investments

Camelia Milea


The purpose of the paper consists in introducing the concepts of equality and discrimination. Also, the author presents the economic implications of these concepts and their interdependencies with foreign direct investments. The research methods used consist in comparative analysis in time and space, qualitative and quantitative evaluations, interpretations and correlations. The analysis shows that women's participation in the economic activity is important not only for reasons of fairness, but also as a strategic element. The undervaluation of the work of women and the improper use of their skills mean an inadequate allocation of resources, a loss of competitivity. Another result refers to the fact that the equal treatment of men and women depends on the mentality, culture and traditions from the host country, but also on those from the country of origin of foreign direct investments companies. Due to the connection between companies and the equal opportunity concept, I consider that finding a solution to the equal opportunity problem should begin at the company level, beginning with the employee selection process to the remuneration, treatment, etc. I consider, that in Romania, one can try to solve the problem of poverty and, implicitly, of the equal opportunity, by drawing foreign direct investments towards the poorly developed regions.


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