Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 15, No 7 (2019)

Factors That Influence MSME Performance Improvement (Study on MSMEs of Women Entrepreneurs in Banyumas Regency)

Irianing Suparlinah, Atiek Sri Purwati, Negina Kencono Putri, Warsidi Warsidi


The aims of this study to analyze Factors influencing on the MSMEs Performance Improvement of the Female Entrepreneurship  in Banyumas Regency. This study use quantitative method with regression model. Samples  consist of 75 persons of MSMEs with the owner or manager as respondents, data gathered by using questionnaire instrument. Base on regression analysis,   showed that  funding, financial literation and business scale are significantly influence to increasing MSMEs performance, of the Female Entrepreneur  in Banyumas Regency. Three other variables, namely: HR competence, entrepreneurial orientation and cost control do not affect the increase in MSME performance.

MSME performance can be improved by staying focused on the financial aspects: funding, financial literacy and business size. Other business  improvement can be pursued by enhancing HR competencies through training programs and applying entrepreneurial orientation in their business. Female entrepreneurs as owners and MSME entrepreneurs are also very important to control costs as an internal factor that can be controlled.


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