Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 15, No 7 (2019)

The Dynamics of Tourism Management in Suceava County – Romania

Ionel Sergiu Pirju


In contemporary European Union tourism has become one of the most valuated economic activities and the tourism management has become a discipline which attracts millions of young people. The European legislation is based on the orientation towards excellency in this field because the best practices for the consumer protection are constantly developed. In European Development Regions, as well as in Suceava County, the tourism involves the assuming of a wide range of responsibilities in order to provide a focus of efficiency for the customers. Tourism is an important source of income for this region and is strengthening the development of the settlements through an efficiency management. The main objective of this article is to analyze the indicators of tourism circulation in Suceava County situated in the Romanian Nord East Development Region. The approach is mixed (qualitative-quantitative) and the intention is to present from a diachronic point of view the performance in attracting the tourists in this field. 


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