Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 16, No 1 (2020)

Analyzing Hotel Management from the Perspective of Management and Employees, and Their Impact on Tourist Satisfaction with Hotel Services in Kosovo

Alberta Tahiri, Idriz Kovaçi, Fari Bushi


Case study: 5 star Hotel’s in Kosovo

The impact of the professional management of the Hotelier sector by the management and the positive climate created by the workers has had a very positive positive impact on their performance at work, their satisfaction with the workplace and their motivation.  

This has affected the high satisfaction of tourists with the services provided by the latter.  The survey involved a total of 21 managers and 100 employees, while 200 tourists were also surveyed where their satisfaction was measured. The research was conducted in the top 4 Hotels in Kosovo over a period of 2 months, were data performed by using SPSS (version 25), and correlation and regression were used to confirm the hypotheses. On the other hand, demographic data are presented by number of participation and their percentage.

The results show that managers' motivation and employee satisfaction have a positive impact on enhancing employee performance ( rho=.361**, p value =.001).  On the other hand in the second hypothesis The selection and selection of managers has a positive impact on the motivation of Hotel Managers.  ( rho=.208*, p value =.049 ) and in the third hypothesis Hotel Workers performance depends directly on the training provided by the hotels themselves and their selection and selection at work.  ( R=.330, p value = .007 Finally we say that proper management has a significant impact on the working climate of the hotels and affects the performance of the employees, and this performance is reflected in the satisfaction of the tourists with the services.



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