Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 16, No 3 (2020)

Employment Challenges of the Youth in Kosovo

Petrit Hasanaj, Besmir Ahmetaj, Arben Tërstena


This research has a great importance, because provides insights to Kosovo's government, businesses and Universities which should focus on creating employment opportunities for students in order to solve their problems in finding a job effectively and efficiently. This would help them in their professional development.

The main purpose of this paper is to identify the barriers faced by the youth of Kosovo, so that we have a real overview of what are the barriers faced by Kosovo youths.

In this paper Surface Survey Methodology has been used with evaluation strategy, while the approach of this paper is deductive, based on the empirical literature. Also, structural data (questionnaire) is used, as this method is most effective and helps in collecting reliable data, and facilitates the achievement of the objectives of this study.

Kosovo, has the highest unemployment rate in Europe, faces many employment problems, which employs young people. Work experience has an impact on hiring young people. Lack of work experience is one of the main barriers to employment for Kosovo’s youth.

This study is the only one in this field that describes the challenges of youth employment in Kosovo, identifying the barriers they face in finding a job.


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