Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 10, No 1 (2016)

How is Social Media Influencing the Way we Communicate?

Diana Gherghita-Mihaila


Social media has transformed the way we think our campaigns and communicate with our audience, but also it changed the way we get in touch with our target and make it react to what we are saying or doing. The objective of this paper is to emphasize that we not only use social media on a personal level, but we’ve transformed it in an important marketing tool for our business. Today we live in online almost as much as we live in the real world. A company without a website and social media presence it does not exists. For researchers and headhunters, social media have become an important tool. So we have to be careful with things we post online, because they can say a lot of things about us and can influence our professional development. The fundaments for this paper are based mainly on the following studies: (1) “Social Media and the Romanian Business Milieu – Impact of Marketing through Social Media on Local Business Environment”, published in October 2013, by Ernst & Young, (2) “Social Media Primetime Survey”, publish by the Romanian consultancy and training company The Connector, (3) “Online Landscape – South-East Europe”, published by Gemius Knowledge, in 2014 and (4) “Online Social Networks”, by Daedalus MillwardBrown, published in 2011. They all show how social media and online development have impacted on traditional media and how companies cannot ignore these new communication and business channels. Studies on social media also showed that internet and mobile platforms are getting more and more popular, that people and companies are drowned into the digital world, communicating through all types of apps and networks. Used wisely, social media can generate greater and faster results with less money than traditional media (print, television, radio, outdoor). The sources used for this paper say that social media is “the it thing” in the 21st century, when almost every person on the planet has a cell phone or access to one, and more and more people are online daily or have easy access to an internet connection. The value of this paper is given by its impressive numbers. Every day, almost one billion and a half people are active on Facebook, millions and millions are using the internet for information, research, entertainment, and Google become the main source of information globally, with 3 billion queries a day in 2015.


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