Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 10, No 1 (2016)

How Brand Jealousy Influences the Relationship between Brand Attachment and Word of Mouth Communication

Burcu İlter, Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu, İlkin Ögel Yaran


Objectives:  The aim of this study is to understand the relationships between brand attachment and word of mouth communication (WOM), brand attachment and brand jealousy; brand jealousy and WOM; and the mediating role of brand jealousy on the relationship between brand attachment and word of mouth communication. Approach: The measurement model is analyzed via confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Further, structural equation modeling was performed in order to test the construct relations in the theoretical framework of this study. Results: Findings of the study show that even though as brand attachment increases positive word of mouth increases, however in the existence of jealousy even people that are attached to a brand they may not talk favorably about it, and in fact make negative word of mouth communication Value: The present research is expected to extend the prior research contributing to the extant literature by investigating an emerging concept of brand jealousy and its possible antecedents (i.e. brand attachment) and outcomes (i.e. negative and positive WOM).


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