Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 11, No 1 (2017)

Digital Games as a Corner Stone of the Networked Social Space and Community: Re-Appraisal of the Transformation of Social Spaces

Serhat Ahmet Kaymas


 This study is concerned with the methodological problems of digital games studies; especially gaming practices in the social media ecology. In this sense, the article is seeking a proper answer to the related with the methodological problems on the digital game studies. Despite the fact that; social networking sites have rapidly expanded and diffused into the daily life practices in the modern societies and as a result of this academic inquires are gradually increase on digital games and gaming practices, a few studies directly addressed the interaction between online social network sites and the user’s personal experiences. Thus, this study is aiming to open a discussion on this axis of the SNSs and proposed a new methodology for the investigation on the SNSs and users interaction. Having discussed the relationship between users and social media nexus, the writer of this article is seeking an answer to this question: With regard to the technological changes and gamers “migration” from real spaces into the new media ecology, how they implemented of the reconstructing of users ethnography in the new media world? In accordance with the gaming practices in the social networking sites (SNSs), the question has become increasingly urgent and required meaningful answers from digital games researchers. In this sense, the question, which is seeking an answer in this study, paves the way for inquires the researchers’ interest in the complex changes in social forms and practices they provoked. Prior to this study, there are already a few of the researchers are addressed new ethnography and user’s personal experiences. Therefore the study has argued that new media studies are required a new methodology especially reappraisal (in this sense, rethinking) of the new media ethnography. The study is carried on observation without participation techniques. Apart from the observation techniques, the study have a theoretical debates and inquiry on the social networking sites and gaming practices and after having observation and debates this research have determined while the social gamers needing a different set of motivations to these practices, social interaction and the gaming practices are indispensable part of the using social network sites and these using motivations.


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