Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 1, No 1 (2007)

Limba română de astăzi şi influenţa media

Dumitru Tiutiuca


The present paper reviews some specific phenomena frequently considered to display "negative" values, regarding the presence of particular facts occurring in our contemporary Romanian language, some of them being determined and promoted by the powerful media influence exerted within nowadays society. Actually, this kind of „paradigmatic change", which has been present also with the language domain, occurs within the larger European and Postmodern milieu. The author's premises lie in the fundamental idea that language turns into a living organism and consequently points out „the metamorphosis of living": it is born, grows and dies, shows internal deformations, namely „the pathologies" called „language mistakes", as well as various complexes and syndromes etc. Among these, there are brought into discussion the intricate issue of Romanian language as of Latin origin, the acute offensive of Anglo-Saxon, Italian and Spanish neologisms, the contradictions occurred between their written and spoken forms, the persistence of „stereotype language" within structures, the pronunciation of foreign words, avoiding cacophonies, the aggression of the licentious and so on.


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