Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

Perception and Practice of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) among Selected Marketing Communication Agencies in Nigeria

Rasheed Ademola Adebiyi, Semiu Bello


The study examined the perception and practice of Integrated Marketing Communication of selected marketing communication companies in Nigeria that implement IMC campaigns on behalf of their clients. Using an In Depth Interview design, the study elicited responses from Creative Directors of selected marketing communication agencies on their perception of implementing IMC on behalf of their clients. The study sought to know the level or stage of IMC the agencies implemented for their clients, the benefits that accrued to clients from such campaigns, the barriers faced, effectiveness and measurement of IMC result.The study employed in-depth interview research design to answer the research questions drawn for the study. A combination of purposive and systematic random sampling methods was adopted for the study. Three key findings emanated from the study. One, the study ascertained that the selected Nigerian marketing communication agencies practice IMC at the tactical level coordinating one marketing message across platforms. Two, the study also found that the agencies perceive the integrated approach to marketing communication as being effective offering their clients the opportunity to meet consumers at different touch points. Three, the study established the absence of common metrics to measure the result of the IMC campaigns. Two key recommendations were made flowing from the findings. First, there is need to validate the level of IMC practice by Nigerian marketing communication agencies on a larger scale using the quantitative method to determine if the level of IMC practice on the Nigerian marketing communication landscape is at the tactical level. Second, it is recommended that researches should focus on finding common metrics of measuring the effectiveness of IMC campaigns. 


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