Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales

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Frequency:  2 issues per year (July, November)

Print ISSN:   2065-0272

Online ISSN: 2344-1348

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The general theme of the journal refers to the political sciences of international relations.

The journal has an editorial board composed of prestigious personalities in the national and international field considering the standards of publishing scientific journals: the frequency, international editorial conventions (abstracts, bibliographic information, etc..) and keywords in English.

Based on a complex and modern approach, the journal can be found in field studies and articles on different lines of analysis noted: paradigms of international relations, European studies, interculturalism, migration, Diaspora and international relations, the internationalization of education, diplomacy, global issues of mankind.

Since its first issue, the journal intends to be a debating court for promoting the spread of ideas and for widening the scientific dialogue critically examining various aspects of international reality and meeting the need for collaborative research in international relations.


Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

International Law

Settlement of Environmental Disputes Two Different Systems: MEAs’ DSPs and WTO’s DSP PDF
Zerrin Savaşan

Hypostases of Power in International Relations

Remarks on the Internationalization of Higher Education as a Source of Soft Power PDF
Anisoara Popa

Culture and Globalisation

Leadership and Internationalisation of Higher Education PDF
Steve O'Michael, Haniye Sadat Sajadi

Accreditation in the Russian Federation. New legislation PDF
Sergey Zapryagaev, Evgenia Karavaeva

Latin American Cluster PDF
Ionel Sergiu Pirju


Teaching in Bukovina at the time of the Austrian domination. The Foundation of the University of Tchernivtsi PDF
Vasile Baltag

Failure of Impropriation of Monastery Possession from Romanian Principalities until 1834 PDF
Tutuianu Ioan

Using Reframing In The External Communication Process Of The Organization PDF
Cornel Marian Iosif

Melchizedek Stefanescu and the foundation of the Romanian Academic Society PDF
Chindris Marius Ioan

Romania and the Orthodox Church under the Communist Regime PDF
Hostiuc George Florin

The Effects of the Work of Committee and Commissions on Interethnic Relations in Republic of Macedonia PDF
Aleksandar Petkovski