Vol 12, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

International Relations

Iran sanctions by European countries the comparative analysis of the performance of the European Union and the US with Islamic republic of Iran’s nuclear energy after the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) PDF
Yousef Ghobadi, Hakem Ghasemi, Abdol Rahim Eivazi

Respect of rule of law between "internal affairs" and the European Union. The case of Poland and Hungary as a political v. functional raison d'être. HTML PDF
Dimitris Liakopoulos

A protracted civil war in Syria defies all concerted efforts to end it PDF HTML
Clement Ndidi Oligie

Traffic of Human Beings, a Reality of the World Contemporary - A Phenomenon with Multiple Determinants PDF HTML
Neaga Susanu

Divides or connects? The Danube as an international border and watercourse in history PDF HTML
Zoltán Huszár, Péter Várnagy, Éva Szederkényi

The Environment - a „Silent Victim” of Armed Conflicts PDF HTML
Filofteia Repez, Mirela Atanasiu

The impact of military strategic thinking on Japanese international economic relations in the post WW II period PDF HTML
Florin Nicolae Prunău

The Influence of Moldova's Economic Performance on EU Integration PDF
Ionel Sergiu Pirju

Turkey on a Path Towards a Changing Europe PDF
Florin Iftode

International Competition in the Field of Space Exploration. Political and Technological Challenges in the XXIst Century PDF
Tutu Pisleag

Remarks on the South-Danube Romanians Migrations and the Strategies for Preserving their Ethnic Identity. Megleno-Romanians/Vlachs Specific Situation
Anisoara Popa