Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales

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  • Frequency:  2 issues per year (July, 15th December)
  • Print ISSN:   2065-0272
  • Online ISSN: 2344-1348

The general theme of the journal refers to the political sciences of international relations.

The journal has an editorial board composed of prestigious personalities in the national and international field considering the standards of publishing scientific journals: the frequency, international editorial conventions (abstracts, bibliographic information, etc..) and keywords in English.

Based on a complex and modern approach, the journal can be found in field studies and articles on different lines of analysis noted: paradigms of international relations, European studies, interculturalism, migration, Diaspora and international relations, the internationalization of education, diplomacy, global issues of mankind.

Since its first issue, the journal intends to be a debating court for promoting the spread of ideas and for widening the scientific dialogue critically examining various aspects of international reality and meeting the need for collaborative research in international relations.



Dear Collaborators,

The editorial team of the AUDRI journal whould like to announce the theme for the next issue: "Cooperation and partnership in a globalized world: Europe and its neighbors".  The articles which do not fall within the mentioned theme will also be published, under a new section.

Thank you for considering this journal as a venue for your work.

Posted: 2018-10-19

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Vol 11, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

European Studies

Legal regulation of succession in European Union law, case study: Regulation no. 650/12 of the European Union PDF
Freskim Musliu, Armend Ahmeti

The International Asylum Applicants’ Impact on European Labour Market PDF
Romeo Victor Ionescu

Pleading for a Good Cooperation between Institutions and Organisations in the Process of Acquiring Sustainable Development. Case Study on Romanian Agricultural Cooperatives PDF
Oana-Ramona Socoliuc, Ionel Bostan, Anatolie Ignat


Social Media and Electioneering: The Case of the United States 2016 Presidential Election PDF
Marylin Chijioke Ekwueme, Sheriff Folarin

The Visit of President Richard Nixon in Bucharest, 2-3 August 1969 PDF
Anamaria Lepcaliuc

Online Social Networks and Parliamentary Elections. An International Comparison PDF
Andra Androniciuc, Felipe Ruiz Moreno

International Relations

Financing Of Political Parties And Electoral Campaigns In The Western Balkans PDF
Sadik Haxhiu, Arben Sahiti

Legal and constitutional aspects of Kosovo until the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia PDF
Orhan Maxhun Ceku, Petrit Mete Nimani, Berat Aqif Aqifi, Kastriot Dermaku

Cross Border Movement and Language Barriers in West Africa PDF
Chelsea Mina Betek, Fayomi Oluyemi Oyenike, Agboola Mayowa Gbenga

Kosovo National Security - Challenges and Risks PDF
Orhan Maxhun Ceku, Sheqir Kutllovci, Arian Kadriu, Petrit Nimani

The Role of Turkey in the Perspective of Nato's Extension Policies in South - Estern Europe PDF
Angela Mihaela Ene