The Journal of Accounting and Management, Vol 4, No 1 (2014)

Customer satisfaction of mobile telecommunication networks in Ghana: service delivery perspective



Organizations, both private and public, in today’s dynamic marketplaces are increasingly leaving antiquated marketing philosophies and strategies to the adoption of more customer driven initiatives that seek to understand, attract, retain and build intimate long term relationship with profitable customers. This article analyzed customer satisfaction with the service delivery of mobile telecommunication networks in Ghana using a binary logistic regression model. Primary data was collected through questionnaire administration. A sample of 1200 respondents were selected from mobile subscribers across the country through stratified sampling. The results showed that factors such as income, call quality, added value of services, call charge’s and network coverage of the mobile networks were statistically significant and also contributes significantly to the overall customer satisfaction of the services delivered by the mobile telecommunication networks (MTN’s) in Ghana. Since factors influencing customer satisfaction have been established, stakeholders in the mobile telecommunication industry, particularly, the six (6) mobile networks service providers should note these and emphasize them in their marketing strategy.


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