Fee for publication


Dear Collaborators, 

Starting with the 1st of September 2019, it will be applied a fee for publishing your article into our journal. The fee for publishing in our journal is 50 USD / 45 EURO / 200 LEI.

The PhD students will have a discount of 50%, the fee for them being of 25 USD/100 LEI.

The details regarding the payment will be sent when the article is accepted for publishing. All the articles submitted by 1st of September 2019 shall be published in the order of the issues without paying any fee.

We appreciate your contribution to the quality of the work that we publish. 

Posted: 2019-10-16

EMAN 2018 Conference


The Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network (EMAN) in association with Danubius University of Galati are pleased to announce the 22nd EMAN conference on Social responsibility and sustainability accounting – Key corporate performance drivers and measures.

In 2018 the EMAN conference will take place in Galati, Romania from June 21st to June 22nd.



Posted: 2017-10-03

2016 Springtime JAM issue

The 1st 2016 JAM issue is now available online. Enjoy it!  
Posted: 2016-06-03

Third 2012 Issue


The 3rd 2012 issue was published. Thank you all for your contribution. 


Posted: 2013-01-20

Third 2012 Issue

The first special issue of our journal will be published in a few weeks. From the next year JAM will be edited three times a year.   
Posted: 2012-11-26

Second 2012 Issue

It was published the second 2012 issue. Thank you all for your valuable contribution.   
Posted: 2012-11-26

New JAM issue

We are now waiting submissions for the new issue of our journal. All your contributions are important for us and we thank you for it.   
Posted: 2012-05-30

First 2012 issue

The first 2012 issue will be published by the end of May. The JAM Editors wish to thank all the contributors!  
Posted: 2012-05-22
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