The Journal of Accounting and Management, Vol 6, No 3 (2016)

Nexus amongst Holding Period, Returns and Risk for Mutual Funds (A Case from India)

Pranav Mishra, Hari Prapan Sharma


Every individual should have savings for the old age and the future uncertainties. However as all individuals come from different backgrounds and thus all of them cannot be expected to have knowledge of finance and investment concepts. In such a situation the best investment avenue available is the mutual fund. But, here also the investors because of their ignorance tend to rely heavily on financial advisors and follow the age old maxims without testing them by themselves. This paper aims to empirically test one of such maxim which states that stretching the investment time horizon would lead to better results in terms of increased returns and reduced risks. This work would be of interest not only to the academicians, students and researchers but also to the industry experts and anybody having general inclination to the subject of mutual fund. It is shown that the investment time period has some nexus with both the risk as well as the returns. The paper used Sharpe ratio to evaluate the performance of the funds at different time span.


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