The Journal of Accounting and Management, Vol 8, No 2 (2018)

Effect of Ownership Structure on Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Khadijat Adenola Yahaya, Rodiat Yatunde Lawal


Objectives: This study examined the effects of ownership structure on firm value of Nigerian deposit money banks. It also evaluated the relationship between ownership structure variables (concentrated, managerial and foreign) on firm value (Return on Equity and Return on Asset). Prior Work: Few research works have covered ownership structure and corporate governance in Nigeria. As a company’s ownership structure changes and ownership is separated from control, incentive alignment problems become evident and the need for more research.  Approach: The study used a sample of fifteen (15) banks quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.  The study employed secondary data which was obtained from Audited Report of Nigerian deposit money banks for a period of nine years (2008-2016). The data obtained were subjected to System Generalised Moment Method. Results: Findings reveal that only institutional ownership has positive and significant effect on financial performance while others have insignificant effect. Implications:  This empirical study provided fruitful implications that there exist a significant effect between ownership structure and financial performance of Nigerian deposit money banks. Value: This study recommends that institutional shareholders should continuing using their resources and expertise to exercise control over management abuse of power which can affect the performance of the company.


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