The Journal of Accounting and Management, Vol 9, No 1 (2019)

Contribution of Tax Consultancy Firm in the Reduction of Tax Evasion in Cameroon

Mbu DanielTambi, Tambi Akpor


This study attempts to examine the Contribution of Tax Consultancy Firm in the Reduction of Tax Evasion: Case of Management of Tax Accounting Consortium (MTA), North West Region'. The objectives are to: explore the contribution of MTA in the reduction of tax evasion in companies and to investigate the consequences of tax evasion on the tax payer enterprise. Methodologically, we use focus group discussion and quantitative data collected from MTA to determine and estimate our result. The result shows that consultancy firm (MTA) plays a major role in the reduction of tax evasion. Result by tax payer enterprise shows that companies that evade tax being good, bad or fraudulent faith end up losing much money that may lead to the collapse of the company. We recommend that tax payers should pay their taxes at the appropriate periods and rightly calculated to avoid penalties and interests. Further, the government of Cameroon should absolutely encourage the establishment and growth of tax consultancy firms.



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