Acta Universitatis Danubius. Juridica, Vol 15, No 3 (2019)

Synergy of Water and Sanitation Strategies and Objectives

Cristea Mandita


Efficient water management is decisive in solving problems and maximizing harmonization with the other branches of activity, requiring legislative coherence, involvement at all levels of governance, identifying and regulating competences by implementing integrated management in national strategies. Examining an essential area for life and health is complex, identifying all the problems and challenges encountered both at world and national level can only be included in a comprehensive study, by combining the socio-cultural, economic, human, educational resources , biological etc. In this paper we have summarized the analysis of the Water Supply and Sanitation Strategy 2014-2028 and the National Development Strategy "Moldova 2030" through the integration of the Sustainable Development Objective - "Clean water and sewage" (SDG 6), of which the reduction depends: poverty, guaranteeing healthy nutrition, lowering mortality and disease, access to energy sources and economic growth, adequate housing, viable communities. The scientific methods of analysis reveal the unclear aspects and concerns of the society of a viable and reliable solution of the problems, while the resulting criticisms and conclusions can be used and developed in future studies as conceptual benchmarks regarding the elaboration of sectoral policies, strategies and action plans.


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