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Frequency:  6 issues per year (28 February, 30 April, 30 June, 30 August, 30 October, 15 December)
Print ISSN: 2065-0175
Online ISSN: 2067 – 340X 

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the “Danubius” University from Galaţi, Romania, has started publishing a scientific review: Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, since 2005, in English and French language, that is distributed both nationally and internationally and its main domain of study is economics. The theme of the review is very diverse. The scientific published articles encompass economic areas, from general economic theory, management, marketing, commerce, finance, accounting, insurance, banks and stock exchanges, economic analysis, international economic relations to economic mathematics and informatics, financial and commercial law and history of economics. The review presents theoretical studies from all fields of economic activity, combining theoretical approaches with the presentation of practical cases, providing well documented answers to a wide range of issues encountered in the economic environment. The review represents the theoretical and empirical studies in all economic areas and it is written by authors that are mainly from the academic world, but also researchers, master’s students, managers, entrepreneurs, business people, etc.



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Posted: 2014-09-16

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Vol 10, No 6 (2014)

Table of Contents

Business Administration

Romania’s Foreign Debt: Trend, Structure, Indicators PDF
Camelia Milea

Tax Evasion and the Impact on Economic Growth PDF
Shkendije Demalijaj Ukaj

A Study on Predictor Variables of Organizational Climate in Educational Institutes PDF
Dr.Gudivada Venkat Rao

Role of Marketing Intelligence by Strategic Function on Organizational Performance: Evidence from Pakistan PDF
Arslan Ayub, Israr Raisani, Hanan Iftekhar, Ayesha Mushtaq


Generalized Cobb-Douglas function for two inputs and linear elasticity PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

A study of Cobb-Douglas production function with differential geometry PDF
Alin Cristian Ioan

Financial, Public and Regional Economics

The Economic Component of National Security – Current Issues PDF
Maria Constantinescu

Volatility Transmission between Bond and Stock Markets: Case of Emerging Financial Markets PDF
Amir Saadaoui, Younes Boujelbene

Capital Inflow and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria: The Role of Trade Openness PDF
Olufemi Muibi Saibu

The Cost Analysis of a Start-up Company in the Information Technology Domain PDF
Cornelia Tureac, Ionica Oncioiu