Vol 6, No 3 (2010)

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

The Evolution of Turkish-EU Relations and an Evaluation of Its Future PDF
Aysen Hiç Gencer

Strategic Brand Management in Hospitality Sector: How to Manage Co-branding in Hotels and Restaurants PDF
Ruhet Genc

Economic and Financial Studies on the Public Pension System in Romania at Local and Global Level PDF
Georgeta Dragomir, Luminita Iacob, Ecaterina Necsulescu, Georgeta Modiga, Carmen-Marina Dragomir

A Short Study on Cooperative Sector in Iran Challenges and Issues PDF
Hassan Danaee Fard, Mohammad Reza Noruzi

General Considerations Regarding the Industrial Activity of Arcelormittal Galati on The Environment PDF
Anca Turtureanu, Cornelia Tureac, Codruta Ligia Butucescu, Alina Madalina Ilie, Maria Alexandra Ivan

Practitioners' Tools in Analysing Financial Markets Evolution PDF
Mihaela Nicolau

Information and Knowledge; Communication

The Vitality of Business Communication PDF
Ruhet Genc

The Necessity of Physics’ Quantum Skills Strategies, Intellectual Capital and the Study of Knowledge Management in the Era of Crisis PDF
Mohammad Reza Noruzi, José G. Vargas-Hernández

Intelligent Agents in Knowledge Acquisition and Structuring for the Fault Diagnosis of Virtualized Systems PDF
Florin Postolache, Viorel Ariton, Florentina Loredana Tache, Catalin Nachila, Alin Constantin Filip

Consulting in Electronic Commerce PDF
Florentina Loredana Tache, Florin Postolache, Catalin Nachila, Maria Alexandra Ivan