New Trends in Psychology, Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

The Connection between Traumas during Childhood and the Use of Drugs and Alcohol in Adult Life

Daniela-Florentina Dragomir


We are born with our own destiny, so they say, and at the same time this is the consolationof most people when they encounter certain situations, that “fate willed it.” But there is a differencebetween the destiny that has been given to us and the one we can shape. Adolescence is a key timethat defines our personality. We are easy to impress, easy to annoy, easy to cheer, and, at the sametime, easy to traumatize. Negative events such as family violence, death of a loved person, sexualabuse, or even minor ones such as a joke about something we care about can change all our beliefsand can influence our harmonious development as an adult. This paper is intended to highlight theextent to which childhood trauma can influence the actions of an adult and his/her way to seekhappiness, he/she being more likely to find it in excess of vices.


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