New Trends in Psychology

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Frequency:  2 issues per year (February, October)
Print ISSN: 2668-0696

The journal New Trends in Psychology publishes studies and research focused on general psychology, cognitive psychology, creativity, work and organizational psychology, child psychology, educational psychology, human development, speech therapy, psychopathology and psychotherapy.
The journal addresses the community of undergraduate and master students in Psychology, teachers, professors and professionals interested in their own personal development in related fields: sociology, social assistance, special psycho-pedagogy, medicine.
We believe that this publication will be particularly useful to students and specialists concerned with the theory and practice of modern methods in the application of psychology.

Vol 2, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


Study on the School Inclusion of the Rhuman Ethnic Students PDF HTML
Gina Anton

Specific Particularities the Development of the Children of Ethnicity PDF HTML
Gina Anton

Yoga – A Holistic Healing Dimension PDF HTML
Ștefania Ciucur (Frigioiu)

Psycho-Social Behavior of the Child Diabetes Diagnosed in the Favorite Family and Placement Center PDF HTML
Cristina Ștefanescu

The Incidence of Drug Consumption in Adolescents PDF HTML
Mariana Filimon

Adolescence and Hormones PDF HTML
Alexandra Gabriela Furtună

Eating Disorders and the Media PDF HTML
Cosmina-Marilena Manea

The Neuropsychological Mechanisms of Faith PDF HTML
Camelia Nicoleta Negut

Aggressive behaviors in Small Schoolchildren PDF HTML
Marius Nicolae, Susanu Neaga

Particularities of Personality and Socio-Affective Behavior in Children with Mental Disabilities PDF HTML
Ecaterina Popa

Psychotherapeutic Approach in Oncological Somatizations PDF HTML
Cristina Lupu

Behavior and Attitudes of Parents with Children Diagnosed with Autism PDF HTML
Alexandra Simion, Susanu Neaga

Instructive-Educational Strategies of Stimulating Creativity at the Small School PDF HTML
Susanu Neaga

Career Planning PDF HTML
Cristina Trăistaru

Social and Vocational Integration of Special Needs Students PDF HTML
Valentina-Ștefania Voicu

Justifications of Internet Infidelity in Romanian Women with Extra-Dyadic Affairs: A Qualitative Study Proposal PDF HTML
Diana Roman (Filimon)

Obedience to Authority: Milgram Contributions PDF HTML
Lacramioara Mocanu, Diana Pradais

Bullying PDF HTML
Lacramioara Mocanu, Diana Pradais