New Trends in Psychology, Vol 1, No 2 (2019)

Death and Life. A Pair of Absolutely Necessary Contracts! (C.G. Jung)

Ramona Adriana Cojocaru


In this article I set out to discuss the end of human life and to touch on a controversial anddelicate topic for many people, namely death. I have the feeling that in today's society we talk openlyabout sexuality, drugs and many other topics that were previously considered taboo but we completelyignore the fact that the purpose of life does not bypass us and we avoid touching on this topic. Iconsidered that it would be appropriate to start the article by giving a definition of the concept of death,by mentioning its structures and I summarized how death is viewed at different stages of age. In thisarticle we have reviewed the historical perspective on death over time, predictors of death and attitudesto death.


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