New Trends in Psychology, Vol 1, No 2 (2019)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (TSA) Definition, General Characterization

Alexandra Mihai


By its very etiology, Autism Spectrum Disorder (TSA) is characterized by a myriad of factorsinvolved (from genetic factors to environmental factors), but to date, the exact causes of the disorderare not known. Until a few decades ago, the Autism Spectrum Disorder was not the object of intenseresearch, due to the small number of known cases. With the passage of time, through the prism ofpublished books presenting the case law of the disorder, autism became known, however, until theacceptance that autism is a life disorder and the child with ASD will go through the entire biologicalcycle going through adolescence and reaching adulthood, a few more decades would pass. Althoughneurological disorders are the basis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and genetic causes also play animportant role, without validating the research, the diagnosis will have as a pattern the behavioralcriteria.


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