New Trends in Psychology, Vol 1, No 2 (2019)

Art-Therapy - Cognitive-Behavioral Approach Art-Therapy Method of Working with Children with T.S.A.

Neaga Susanu


Behavioral therapy is a short, symptom-focused therapy and generally aims to change theinteractions between the person and his or her environment. Behavioral therapy is an approach designedto treat unwanted behaviors directly observable, which psychodynamic therapy calls “symptoms”, onlyas behaviorists reject the notion that problem behavior is a symptom of underlying conflicts, maintainedby processes of unconscious dynamics. The treatment model is first to evaluate the behavior and thento modify it through the procedures that modify the old behavior or that learn new behaviors (egconditioning techniques, systematic desensitization, modeling, etc.). For children and adults withautism spectrum notes, the world can experience sensory overload every day. In many countries, arttherapy has been seen for some time as a complementary or helpful therapy within the therapies ofchildren with autism alongside music therapy, play therapy, etc.


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