New Trends in Psychology, Vol 1, No 2 (2019)

Avoid Personality Disorder (Tpe) Clinical Case Study – V.A.

Georgela Țăranu


V. Andrei, 16, is a student in the 10th grade, at one of the best high schools in Braila.He comes from a family with a very good socio-economic situation, both parents runsuccessful personal businesses. He is the second child, the older brother of 6 years,is a student in America. He lives in a locality close to the city of Brăila. This factmakes him dependent on the parents' possibility to bring him to school, tomeditations, to therapy. My mother is terribly afraid of “not being kidnapped, baby.”Therefore, in the frequent trips abroad of the parents, Andi is taken with them andabsent from school.


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